A little update

It's Friday, January 13th and I'm finally getting back on the road. As you may recall, I recently broke my 24-70mm lens while out shooting in Big Sur. In a freak accident, the wind blew over my tripod effectively breaking my lens in two. After screaming a few obscenities to no one, I took a little bit of comfort in the fact that the lens was insured and should be easily replaceable. However, this lens is by far my most versatile and without it I suddenly felt crippled. Knowing that I couldn't continue on without it, I opted to wait until the insurance was sorted out before continuing on.

My sister's and I

As luck would have it, both of my sister's live just a few hours south in Los Angeles. A place that, until recently, I had also called home. I naively expected to be there for a few days, fly home for Christmas, and be back on the road by New Year's. However, because all of this happened right before the holidays, things have taken a bit longer than expected and I've now been crashing on my older sister's couch for over three weeks. 

With all of this extra time, though, came time to see and catch up with lots of old friends. Reuniting with everyone was like stepping back into a former life. I lived in LA for almost five years, pursuing acting that whole time. And while I ultimately walked away from it, my time spent with these people will always be the highlight of my time living there. 

Class reunion

My next stop is San Diego where I had the lens overnighted to my cousin's house. From there I'll visit Slab City near the Salton Sea and then cross over into Arizona on my way to the Grand Canyon. I can't express enough how thankful I am to my older sister, Taylor, and her husband, Elliot, for letting me crash with them this whole time. In the weeks I've been here, a thought that keeps crossing my mind is how lucky I am. If that lens hadn't broken where it did, this could have ended up being a much more expensive delay. Instead, I had three relaxing weeks spent with family and friends.

But now, the road is calling me back and I have many places to see. Here's a photo from Olympic National Park to hold you off till then. 


Olympic National Park in Washington