Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Today, I drove about 4-hours from Morehead, NC to Kitty Hawk, NC. Hopefully, everyone knows the significance of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, but in case you don't, it's the place where the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, became the first men to succeed in a controlled flight in 1903. 


Cool little miniature on display

A replica of the Wright Flyer. The original is on display in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

A day the world changed

Huge monument dedicated to the Wrights

The Wright brothers made 4-flight attempts, on that day; the first reaching a distance of 120 feet while the fourth reached an impressive 852 feet and lasted nearly a full minute. 

Marker 1 - 120 feet, 12 seconds

Marker 1 - 200 feet, 15 seconds

Marker 2 - 175 feet, 12 seconds

Marker 4 - 852 feet, 59 seconds!

Some sweaty dude

Coming to Kitty Hawk wasn't originally on the itinerary for this trip, but after departing Florida early I decided it was a spot that was definitely worth checking out. Nothing is as surreal as standing at this spot, looking up, and seeing a large jumbo jet soar overhead. It's a true testament to the achievements of mankind and something I think everyone should experience in their lifetime. 

Right now, I'm halfway between Kitty Hawk and Atlanta. Tomorrow, I'll meet two friends at their place there where I'll have a couch, a much-needed shower, and a chance to do some laundry and on Friday we're all driving to Lake Jocassee, NC to camp for the weekend. Thanks for tuning in.



After spending three incredible nights camping at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Myakka River State Park, and Everglades National Park, I have decided to cut the Florida section of this trip a bit short. I got to Everglades National Park on Tuesday only to find the mosquitos were far worse than I expected. I knew they would be bad, but even with bug spray on I could only handle being outside of my car for about ten minutes! What a shame! I pretty much had the whole park to myself, as well. The following morning I rented a motel to recharge and reassess and concluded that I'd had enough of the heat. 

With the extra time, I decided to head north and explore the south a bit more. Yesterday I drove from the bottom edge of Florida to a Walmart in Waycross, Georgia where I slept in the parking lot. And this morning I drove to Savanna where I'm writing this blog. I have a week to kill before I am meeting up with some friends to camp in North Carolina. Let me know if you have any suggestions for Savannah, Charleston, or Ashville! 



Sunrise over St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Myakka River Valley State Park

Myakka River Valley State Park

Myakka River Valley State Park

Myakka River Valley State Park

Myakka River Valley State Park

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park - Stairway to Heaven